Saturday, September 17, 2016

2016 Ohio Country Living Fair Day One

What a day!!  
What an amazing day full of fun...

Yesterday afternoon,
I had the privilege of presenting
on the Kitchen Stage
 at the 2016 Country Living Fair 
in Columbus Ohio!!

I shared the
'Salted Caramel Pecan Turtle Bars'

It was a hot day, I was wilting by noon...
but we pressed on...
Thank you Joanna and Lisa!! I'm so happy you were there.  xo

So much fabulous shopping...
Lots of amazing treasures to be found.

Look at THIS cute-as-a-button bag that 
a dear friend (Joanna, above) found for me!!  
So happy to get to tote things around in my new blue-ribbon bag!!!

This bag is THE perfect souvenir from this weekend
This bag is from Marlene at:  La Bonne Vie Designs 

For all of you who are cheering me on, 
via your comments, messages and
all of your kinds words, --thank you.  
I love that you are enjoying these recipes and having
 the opportunity to share them with you... the Country living Fair, no-less...

is... well...

  it's absolutely amazing. 

I am thrilled to have this opportunity!!!

 .... just thrilled!!!

 Thank you.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy Fuller
 from food Network's FarmHouse Rules!!
Here I am after the presentation being asked to come over...

Followed by Nancy telling me how much she 
likes my rhyming name AND
the salted caramel pecan turtle bars.

Nancy was a doll.

I can't wait to go back tomorrow...
We will do it all over again...
This time...

apple pie.

I have GREAT NEWS about tomorrow!!!

5-time blue-ribbon winning...
Tastes just like a slice of autumn on your plate...
...all the good warm and cozy... fire-side sitting... cinnamon...
--not the leaf-raking or cold wind blowing parts...
just the good stuff...

This pie is THE apple pie.
It wins a lot of ribbons... and this pie is pretty humble about it...
It is pie after all.  
(get what I did there??)

'Award Winning Double-Topped Apple Pie'
3 PM
Kitchen Stage
2016 Columbus Country Living Fair

P.S. There is an APP for the #CL Fair... and all of the recipes are there!!

I have a special Country Living Fair Page at the top of the blog
(right up at the top...over to the left side)
for anyone that needs a point in the
 right direction finding resources... or a copy of the recipes...
or click here:  CL FAIR PAGE

About the presentation tomorrow at 3pm:
THERE are some GREAT things happening:

Yes, there will be samples. 

Yes, I will be making a pie from start to finish, and answering all
of your questions and spilling all
my best secrets!~!!

If homemade pie dough has been your enemy,
I will help to mend those fences and get you and pie dough 
back on speaking terms...before long you'll be great friends!!

Yes... I will have TWO amazing giveaways!!

Finally... Yes, I am having the time of my life... 
and I would LOVE for you to come out and 
have a great day at the #CLfair, find some treasures
and have some apple pie too!!!

I want to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank-you to
 Country living Magazine, and the team of amazing 
folks at Stella Show Management. 

 This would not be possible without the hard work and
attention to every detail
from dedicated women like Betty Lyn Walters-Eller.
 and the amazing 
kitchen expertise and endless help from Daphne. 
Thank you ladies, you are absolutely wonderful.

A great big thank you to my dear friend Jayna, 
who came all the way from Nashville, TN---for the whole weekend...
 to help this old girl lug around 
 food processors pots and pans...and
a hundred or so samples of turtle bars... you are a treasure.
And you are very strong...
Thank you Jayna for keeping me laughing all day long!  xo
 Look at friend showed up wearing a Blue Ribbon Kitchen t-shirt... She made it!!!  
How wonderful is she?!?  
Thank you are so thoughtful and crafty!!!  

Thank you to my dear friend Wendy and her mom who
snapped so many of the photos on today's blog post.
I appreciate all your help and 
encouragement... and all of your smiles. xo.

As always, thank you for reading.
  I am so happy that you do.

xo~ Karri


  1. See you tomorrow Karri!
    ~ Lori from LLFarmblog

    1. Hi Lori!! I can't wait!! I hope you have the BEST time!! See you soon. :)

  2. I wish I could be there!! I am getting ready for the State Fair of Texas and cannot wait! I just got one of your books in the mail and i'm obsessed!!! Hope I can copy the success you have had! :)