Thursday, June 16, 2016

Patriotic Vegetable Flag

Flag Day was this week...
 and we almost missed it...

Luckily, we had things in place since Memorial Day... 

I try to keep things patriotic from the end of 
May until just after the Fourth...
and by "trying to keep things patriotic"...
I mean the red white and blue stays up 
from Memorial Day right through the Fourth...
I used to take all the flags down for a few weeks
and then drag them all back out again.
I must have smartened up...
or perhaps it's laziness...but it works for me
and it feels and looks like summertime.

While we made sure to have our flag flying...
We had just enough time to make an edible flag too.
It was delicious... and patriotic...  

Summer officially starts next week,
Are you ready??

I'm pretty sure, being ready for summer 
simply amounts to three things:
1. A healthy supply of s'more's fixin's in the pantry.
2. Bug spray and sunscreen in your the ready.
3. A slower pace.
A drive through the country side and farm fields,
a leisurely evening stroll, porch sitting, tea sipping
lighting bug catching kind of pace... 

( If you ask me, it
is a very nice change of pace.)

and maybe...just maybe
you have a little more free time on your hands...
Or at least the kiddos do...

Sweet, sweet summertime...

So, you need a plan...
or something fun to do.

My kids make summertime bucket lists
every-year, the moment school lets out.
--every single year.

The lists my kiddos compile, range from 
 absolutely doable to the 
sometimes absolutely absurd...
(I'm not naming names, but as I recall, someone once wanted to

travel to London.. among 25 other big bucket list items...)
but hey, it's their bucket list... anything goes.  
Dream big I always say... 
I guess they were listening.  -Ha

We try hard to cross things off as the 
dog days of summer wear on...
I have to say, it's fun to see what they 
come up with each summer and to see how
 their lists change with each passing year.

Many of their wishes are sweetly simple,
like playing with friends in the backyard,
going to the pool,
catching fireflies and picnics... 
Ahhhh, the simple things.
Gotta love that.

  Lately, we have been 
busy enjoying all that the warmer days have to offer.
In recent days, we've been spending 
 a lot of our time at the baseball field... 
finishing up the regular season.
I am happy to report our team won first place and
is now headed to the local Knothole World Series... so exciting...

Once baseball wraps up, we will start tackling
some more of those summertime bucket list items...

We'll have our sunscreen slathered on,
sunglasses, and beach balls ready to go...
I have my eyes set on the Fourth of July... 
one of my very favorites holidays of the whole year.

If you are planning a July 4th picnic or party...
you'll want to try this super cute vegetable tray... 
it's probably something you really
 need to put on YOUR summer bucket list.
(Yes, grown-ups should have a summer bucket list too)
On favorite idea site..
I saw so many gorgeous fruit and sweets-inspired
 "flag" platters but not really 
any patriotic vegetable trays...

So we made one.

The white tray I used was on the small size, 
for a crowd, you could easily fill a rimmed baking sheet
or even a large cutting board would be a perfect foundation.
I used cauliflower, red peppers and cherry tomatoes. 
For the "blue" I used black olives... 
I know the black olives are not blue...
I think the large olives look quite nice standing in for blue
just the same.

If you are not a fan of the veggies I chose,
consider these other options:
peeled and sliced cucumbers
cleaned and sliced button mushrooms
sliced radishes for the white 
halved radishes for the red
I'm also sharing my really delicious and easy 
low carb dip that goes beautifully 
with chips or fresh veggies.
It literally takes 5 minutes to make 
and tastes great right away!!
If you can believe it... 
it tastes even better after a 
few hours of being chilled.

 This yummy dip is green--sorry...right??
I know... not white...that would be too perfect
 and go so well with the whole patriotic vibe...

 Even though I am straying from my patriotic color scheme...
this dip IS so delicious...
easy to throw together,
It's just the right dip for these veggies.

So, if you make it, 
just slide this "green dip" to the side of your
super-fabulous, patriotic veggie flag, or
maybe serve your dip in a star shaped container...

See...a solution for every "problem"!

For the easy Dip Recipe Click Here: Low Carb Spinach Dip

If you try the dip...let me know if you love it as much as our family...
BTW, it's pretty garlicky--but so worth it...

Wishing you a happy start to summer ...
Cheers to crossing off those summer bucket list items!!!

Get ready, get set go!!!!

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