Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MUFFIN TIN Brownie Sundae

I thought ...this... 

....this, is a super fantastic idea.

How could I have never thought of this before??

Was it a stroke of creative genius...??

Or was is merely having the muffin tins on the counter

at the exact time that I was making a batch of brownies??

I don't think science will ever know for sure.... (ha)

But I was so pleased with what I made... and

....I didn't even need any as-seen-on-TV gadgets...to get the job done...


As it turns out... I discovered through the magic of Pinterest, 

...that I am not the first "genius" when it comes to baking up brownies in

a muffin tin.  

Nope, someone else out there already thought it up... but yesterday was the first time I ever thought it up....So it pretty much seems like a new, hot-off-the-presses kind of idea...at least to me.
Clearly, there are a lot of great "thinkers" out there when it comes to

reinventing the wheel...  ...or at least when it

comes to how we can bake brownies...  no rules... there are no rules!!

This was super easy to do... with great results.  

My husband, who loves the brownie edges was in the kitchen last night, wow-ing over my new discovery...  So, at the very least there is one fan of my "big idea"...

TIPS:  If you LOVE brownie edges... you know, the crusty, more-done edges with a softer middle..then these are for you.  If you are a big fan of fudge-like, super soft brownies...then these brownies will not be your cup of tea. --sorry.

Filling the muffin cups half full worked out great.  Try to keep the sizes uniform so they bake evenly and at the same time.  Using an ice cream scoop can help reap consistent sized scoops of batter.

I used boxed brownie mix...(gasp) ... 
You can use boxed or from scratch recipes. 

Be sure to grease/spray the muffin tins generously.

I baked ours at 350 degrees for about 22 minutes...there is not an exact science here...so keep an eye on them.

To pop them out, I used a paring knife...and they came out beautifully....

We hosted a play date yesterday.... and for dessert the kids had these single serving, muffin-tin brownies, with a scoop of ice cream...and a cherry on top...of course.  Genius.

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