Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Patriotic Punch Red, White and Blue Drink


A drink... We need a Patriotic Punch!!

Patriotic Layered Punch
Blue Ribbon Kitchen, Karri Perry

1 part: Cherry-Cranberry Juice (Red)
1 part: Non-Alcoholic Pina Colada Mix (White)
1 part: Low-Sugar Blue Gatorade (Blue)

The key to this drink is layering different juices of varying sugar content.  The heaviest juice (red layer) or the juice with the most sugar goes in the bottom of the glass.

The middle juice should have sugar content between the highest and the lowest sugar juices. (white layer)

Finally, the last juice (blue layer) should have the least amount of sugar, allowing this juice to remain suspended above the other two layers.

Mix ¼ cup of pina colada mix with ¾ cup of cold water.  Set aside.
In a tall glass with ice, add the red juice.
Using a spoon, pour the pina colada mixture onto the spoon and into the glass.  There may be some mixing of the colors…but if the sugar content is correct, the white layer will settle out and rest on top of the red layer.
Lastly, using a spoon to diffuse the pouring, add the blue juice, filling to the top of the glass.
Add fresh strawberries or a red licorice straw for garnish if desired.  Enjoy

How to make the cute glasses:
Using crepe paper and ribbon…
Measure the glass, cut a piece of crepe paper.
Fold in half lengthwise and use scissors to make fringe.
Affix crape paper with double sided tape.
 Fluff the fringe. 
Add a piece of ribbon, tie in a knot or bow… and you are ready for an extra cute celebration!
I used fun-complimentary paper straws-so our decorations wouldn’t impede sips. The fringed decorations would be perfect for napkin rings too. 


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