Sunday, February 7, 2021

Peanut Butter Cup Footballs


Are you ready for a Super Bowl winning secret?! 

The easiest football dessert ever... ??

Peanut Butter “Egg” Footballs.  

The How-To:

Buy plenty of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs—the ones for Easter—Yes, I’ve found them for sale alongside the Valentine’s Day candies at most grocery stores and some big box retailers—as early as mid-January.  Otherwise-try purchasing online.

Unpackage the peanut butter eggs. Place on a platter or plate.

Using a small amount of either white frosting in a piping bag, or melted white chocolate chips or white chocolate candy melts (melted) in a piping bag, pipe on the football laces.

Be sure to cut a teeny-tiny hole in the piping bag so just enough—but not too much frosting or chocolate comes out.

I piped a line down the center of each peanut butter egg and then created hash marks across the line—see the photo.

Allow chocolate or frosting to set up or cool.

Done. Touchdown!! 

Some of my favorites are also the easiest too!! A true win-win.

Looking for more fun football food ideas??

These are a few more of my favorites.

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