Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Fall Baking Bucket List

 Happy First Day of Fall!! 

Friends... I am so excited about this new season that starts today!

I'm thinking about all the good things that are just ahead...right down that country road...Do you see it too??  The yellow and orange fall leaves and the wood fence??  Oh, good, I knew I couldn't be the only one daydreaming about all of the fun-filled autumn days...they're here.

It's a new season and also a time of tradition... like the family favorites that appear on the Thanksgiving table or the favorite chili recipe that makes Sunday feel so cozy with an abundance of football and good food. I love sharing the same family traditions every year, pumpkin patches, and hayrides and making our favorite seasonal foods, but maybe in a new and different way--this year.  

My kids love soup served in bread bowls...and usually, when we grab lunch at one of our favorite spots, that's what they order--bread bowls with a cheesy broccoli cheddar soup or a tomato bisque--either way it's delicious.  Just the other day I thought... "Karri, why in the world are you not doing your own version of a bread-bowl right here at home...??"-- the kids would looove it!! So, it's on my list... my fall baking bucket list-- trying new things, creating new recipes, while making time to enjoy the classic tried and true recipes that make fall, feel like fall. I must have been experiencing a creative moment, because it was just about then, that the idea struck me that YOU deserved a fall baking bucket list too... 

So have I have "baked-up" something special just for you... 

To ring in the official start of fall, the crackling fires, cookies, pies, and warm baked bread-season, let's not waste a moment... I have put together a Fall Baking Bucket List!!   Here is my official Blue Ribbon Kitchen guide to the most essential fall recipes, from my recipe box, to yours. Most of these recipes are big winners, and some BIG Ohio State Fair Best-of-Show winners are included too...   You can never have too many first-place winning recipes...that is a fact. 

 My favorite fall recipes are all right here in this post...just for you.  

Scroll down and you'll find easy links to all the recipes listed here. 

 Please enjoy... and I wish you a happy first day of fall!!



Cinnamon Rolls


Chocolate Chip Cookies


Caramel Apple Pull-Apart Bread


Salted Caramel Turtle Bars


Blackberry Jam Cake


Cheddar Cheese Bread 


Apple Dumplings


Yeast Bread; French Bread for Stuffed Spinach-Artichoke Dip Bread


Pumpkin Cake


Apple Cake


Turkey Toes Snack Mix


Apple Pie


Buttermilk Biscuits


Pumpkin Pie


Oatmeal Cake


Ginger Cookies


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