Saturday, January 13, 2018

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too | Blog Turns Four

We did it!!

This week Blue Ribbon Kitchen
officially turned four.

Happy Birthday to us!!

This week we quietly turned the corner
into the next year of 
this blogging adventure.

I have a few gifts for YOU too... keep reading!

Are you ready to celebrate??
I am...

Four years doesn't seem like that long ago...
In fact, if feels like yesterday.

I can remember how nervous I was to hit
the "publish" button... 

I was terrified...totally unsure
of the blogging world and what 
I might be getting myself into.

I had soooo many questions 
and worries about
starting this blog... 
those worries seem silly now... 
I was so unsure, 
I almost talked myself out of blogging,
before I ever began.

My biggest concerns were:

What if no one reads the all...?

and maybe worse...
What if people do read it ?? ...and then hate it?

Is this the right time to do this??

Can I do this and everything else too??

Could I transform all this
(the baking and creating)
 into something
tangible and useful for others??

Could I really have my cake and eat it too??
...provided I bake the cake also??

Should I tell my friends about this??

Do I dare post this to Facebook??

What if I fail...
(this was probably my biggest worry of all...)

After four years of blogging
here's what I've discovered...

I fail all the time...
mostly in small ways... 
I'm not perfect...not even close.
I make lots of mistakes...

The key is:  I don't ever give up.

As long as I am not giving up,
all the mistakes...
those moments...
—they become 
learning experiences and lessons.
It's the good stuff that helps us grow.
It's all part of the journey. 

Here's the thing about blogging... 
You have to share it, to make it work.

Doing it...
... small things... big things...anything...
the "doing" requires taking a chance...
Being vulnerable and
having the courage to fail (even publicly)
...this is an experience like no other...

So, four years ago...
 I was scared.

But, I got over it.

I got excited...
I got motivated and 
I decided to go for it... 
Because... why not?

To celebrate four fabulous years 
of blogging... lessons learned and life... 
I am sharing four of my favorite quotes 
that have guided me 
on this far...


I'm also giving away a copy of
one of my new
favorite books: 

Celebrate Everything by Darcy Miller.
If you are a party planner, 
holiday enthusiast or 
fan of celebrating anything 
and everything at all, 
you will not only LOVE 
this will be inspired 
by all the amazing and truly
beautiful ideas packed inside... 
It's cover to cover inspiration!!
I KNOW you will love it and one
 lucky reader will win a copy too!!


Find the RaffleCopter Sign Up after the
quotes at the bottom of this post! favorite.

I love quotes...

LOVE them so much...
I have an entire board on Pinterest
 devoted to "Wise Words"
Somehow great words restore me
when I am tired... or losing my way...
other times, they help me to gain a new
 perspective...or have a much-needed laugh.

This.  This quote has been so helpful to me.

 "Comparison it the thief of joy"... could not
be more true...especially when you are new...
new at anything... and 
feeling all those unsure feelings.

It's easy to want to compare...
I know I did at first...and now I don't, 
and I find that I am so much happier.

I'm not sure the exact job title
of my current position...
I certainly wear a lot of 
different hats day to day...
and there probably
are not too many
"Baker-Mother-Wife-Professor-TV Recipe Maker-Blogger"
out there...
So, I just make it 
a point to do my very best —always.
I wouldn't want to give
 "our profession" 
a bad name... ha.

I believe in always doing more...whenever possible...
Some say less is more...I say extra is extraordinary.

To all my worries 
at the beginning...

If I had listened to those "what ifs" 

I wouldn't be celebrating 
this wonderful
four year milestone with you today...

I can't imagine missing any
of the amazing 
moments over the past four years.
I would not trade one of those
—not one single moment.

It's been worth every stumble...

like the time I accidentally erased all 
the photos from the blog during year-one...
and worth all the magic...
the wow-moments on live TV,
or blue ribbon wins... it's all part of
getting out there and 
doing it...

So yes...

What if I fall??

But Darling,

What if you Fly??

You can in fact have your 
cake and eat it too...
I know this to be true.
I'm doing it...
—I happen to have some great recipes
 for case you like to bake.

Happy fourth birthday little blog... 

Make a wish!

This...was a little bit of
 how we celebrated our blog-birthday...
a night out...Opening night
 seeing Waitress here in town...

Celebrate a little bit everyday!!

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  1. I am so glad you never give up! And indeed you have some awesome cake recipes, most of which I've made, and most of your pies, too! Making your carrot cake this coming weekend for my son-in-law's birthday. Made it for him last year and he said it was the best he's ever eaten, even better than his Mom's. Now THAT, my dear, is a true complement. So good, he requested a repeat for this years birthday dinner. Excited to make it again and really excited to eat it again! Best wishes for many more happy birthday celebrations for Blue Ribbon Kitchen!

    1. Thank you Linda!! Such a sweet compliment indeed!! I so appreciate knowing how much you are enjoying the recipes. Xo

  2. Is that Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart fame?

    1. It is the same Darcy Miller!! It’s a fantastic book!!!

  3. I enjoy your blog and loved the quotes. Congratulations on your 4th year. I hope you have many more.

    1. Aww, Thank you Gail... I'm happy you liked the quotes... Thanks for the sweet comment.

  4. I look forward to reading your blog emails and to learn about your new adventures. Proud to say I knew you "back when...." Congratulations on your four year anniversary and I know there will be many more successful years in the future !

    1. Hi Pat! Such a sweet surprise to find your comment waiting for me here on the blog!! I'm so thrilled to know you are following along on all these fun adventures. I hope this note finds you happy and well. All my best to you and your family. ((hugs))

  5. Congratulations Karri!! That's a wonderful accomplishment and I always look forward to reading your posts. Here's to many more celebrations!

    1. Thank you Leigh!! You're a sweetheart!! Thanks so very much for all the support and encouragement!! xo