Monday, July 3, 2017

FAST FIXES for the 4th of JULY!!

Are you decorating for the 4th??

After all, it is July 3rd, and you still have 
plenty of time to throw something
patriotic together!!

Either way...

When you see what I found... and how easy it was...

Adding a little star-spangled sparkle to
your food, or decor can be a snap...

I stopped by Fox19 on Friday morning...

We put together a few fun
and super-fast patriotic
treats for the Fourth!!
(I'll add some fun behind the scenes pics at the end of this post)

Karri Perry, Blue Ribbon Kitchen All American Cherry Berry Cheesecake from Blue Ribbon Kitchen

Here's the BIG secret to making your 
4th of July desserts shine...

All you need... 


Yes, red, white and blue sprinkles...
that's the trick.

Add sprinkles to:

Pretzel rods, dipped half-way in melted chocolate chips

Ice cream cones, dipped first in candy melts or chocolate chips.

Rice crispy treats...mix them in, or sprinkle on top.
add a sucker stick for even more fun!!

Using store-bought ice cream sandwiches...
coat the ice cream in star-spangled sprinkles for
a super-cute dessert... 
(Watch the video above for more details)

...It literally takes minutes.

I know when I'm hosting a party...
I dig through ALL my
saved red, white and blue decor... 

No box is left untouched.

Not this season...

I visited our Michael's store and
 happened on these discounted
paper decorations.

I added them all to our fireplace mantel.
It took me all of six minutes...
and...they even come with paper clips...
So you can reuse these beauties year after year...
(I didn't use the peel-off adhesive, 
because I plan to use these again
 and they stayed together beautifully)

Go and get some!!

I like to put together favors for our
guests...especially our younger guests...

With a little help from the dollar spot at Target...
I made these cute favors in minutes.

You can change the favors by adding:
 pop corn, poppables, pop tarts,
cracker-jack, ring pops... When I started looking
I found so many products with 
the name "pop or popped" in the title...
Obviously, you would want to make 
your favors age appropriate for your guests,
No sparklers or pop-its for the littlest party-goers.

I could spend days decorating...
But I just don't have the time this year...

This year our July 4th party preparations
are brought to you
 by the letter :
and the number "4".

S is for:
Super-Easy Sprinkle-tastic Desserts

Six Minute Paper Mantel Decor

The number 4 is for:
$4 or less for Fun Favors

Here are the promised behind the scenes pics.

Have a very Happy 4th of July!!

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If you find you have extra time and want to make the All American
Cherry-Berry Cheesecake

Or the Lemon Berry Trifle...

The links are here:

xo Karri

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