Friday, January 29, 2016

Cupid's Arrow Valentine Cupcakes

Normally getting shot...
especially through the heart,
 would be considered a bad thing.

A truly terrible and awful sort of bad thing...
unless my friends... 
unless, we are nearing Valentine's Day...
then of course, it's perfectly acceptable.

Even encouraged...
possibly even wished for. . . ahem...

 If dear Cupid misses his shot...
and happens to 
shoot his arrow of love through
a rich, chocolaty cupcake, 
topped with glorious mounds of vanilla frosting...

I'd  certainly be OK with that scenario too.

Here at home, I can usually tell if a project is a good one or not, 
based on the happy squeals from my kiddos
 when they arrive home from school.
They are actually excellent judges 
of my crafting adventures, and top-notch taste-testers...
I must admit,
...they are usually right.

Besides this project being amazingly easy...too easy...
the squeal-o-meter,
let's just say,
it was off-the-charts...

Using paper straws and a few foil heart stickers...
(both of which are abundant at the craft stores this time of year...)

You can have your very own collection of Cupid's arrow cupcakes.

This is a great way to fancy-up a box 
of store-bought desserts in no time. (I'll never tell)

Starting with a paper straw, 
I adhered a larger heart to one end.  
I made the point of the sticker heart act as the point of my arrow.

Next, I added two smaller hearts to the end of the straw.  
I slightly overlapped them.

Using craft scissors...
I carefully trimmed the straw/arrow by first cutting it in half.
I took a little off each end until I had the desired size for my cupcakes.

Finally... I stuck each half of the arrow into the frosting, 
as if the cupcake was shot by Cupid himself.

Here's hoping Cupid hits his mark...
and you get to enjoy some 
of these sweet treats.  
Your valentine will thank you...
the squeal-o-meter is sure to be
Source for my supplies:
Pink paper straws and heart stickers-Hobby Lobby
Gingham paper liners-Michael's

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