Monday, February 23, 2015

20 Inspiring Backyard Garden Ideas!

I'm officially, 100% ready for spring.  

I think this feeling may have happened

oh, ...somewhere during the kiddos 7th or 8th day off... a row  ...from school last week.

We finally got the long awaited "big" snowfall...

...and finally...with temperatures that made it safe to play outdoors...
From the look of the snow piled up in our yard... may be a few weeks until we thaw out.

While I wait for the snow to melt, I have something to daydream about... 

...the backyard garden.

 Our garden may be covered in snow, and frozen... for now...
but, not too much longer, and it will be buzzing with activity.

ha... (Get it?  I thought you might like my photo-pun)
I did a blog post last February about how we built our backyard garden...
...and how it's grown over the years.  

It was quite the DIY event...

We used a tool I nicknamed "the team builder"...

It was a loooong afternoon in the say the least...

It's a good story and one of my favorite blog-posts to date.

If you'd like to learn about the "team builder"... and

see some sunny and warm garden 'how-to' photos...

just visit the earlier post here: Growing A Garden 

As I get ready for this years garden,

I found mountains of inspiration over on

I curated a board of inspiring garden ideas...

...Some of which I hope to create for our garden, this March.

So many great ideas for all types of gardens,

flower gardens, vegetable gardens,

water and fairy gardens and so much more.

I even included a few garden planter ideas for the yard.
If you would like to see some of the creative 20 garden inspired ideas I chose,
visit: 20 Inspiring Garden Ideas

You can also visit the BlueRibbonKitchen Hometalk view some of my other projects.
(I'm new there are just a few to look at...)  

Or see just the Backyard Garden post, 
visit: How to Build a Fenced Backyard Garden at
This week I am thinking warm thoughts...

...putting on some Jimmy Buffet music ...

... I might even make a make a frozen tropical drink... you just never know...

But I am certainly going to be "Thinking Spring"

....and flowers and homegrown tomatoes...  warmer days are just ahead!

I just know it....

 Anytime you dig...whether it be for a fence post of a swimming pool,
 be sure you are free and clear of all utilities.  Check before you dig.

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